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We have a direct suction Pool and/or spa, what should we do?

Answer: You will need to add a ANSI/ASME approved cover as everyone else, but remember... the VGBA requires that a 2nd remedy be added. For 85% of Florida pools and spas, the surge tank will be the 2nd remedy. If you have direct suction, the new 64E-9 Florida DOH code will require you to upgrade to a surge tank in a very short time. You will also need to have this surge tank modification professionally engineered by a Florida licensed engineer.

What is an automatic pump shut-off?

Answer: Automatic Pump shut-off system -- a device or system that shutsoff the pump/motor when it senses a high vacuum occurrence that includes but is not limited to some of the safety vacuum release devices (SVRS) and load sensing motors.

What is a gravity drainage system?

Answer: Gravity Drainage is a circulation system where the water flowing from the pool/spa does not connect directly to the pump. The water drains into a tank or basin open to atmosphere from which the pump pulls its water for circulation back to the pool.

What is a safety vacuum release system (SVRS)?

Answer: The definition in the Act is as follows: "The term 'safety vacuum release system' means a vacuum release system capable of providing vacuum release at a suction outlet caused by a high vacumn occurrence due to a suction outlet flow blockage." SVRS devices must be certified to ASME/ANSI A112.19.17 or ASTM 2387-04.

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