Enzyme Cleaner

An "as-needed" chemical. Enzyme cleaners are liquid. Enzymes are used to breakdown and eliminate the water line (also called the water ring or scum ring) that is often seen just above the surface of the water. Products such as suntan lotions, underarm deodorants, and women's make-up, as well as body oils and dirt, can attach to the pool walls (just above the surface of the water) to cause this water line. The Enzyme cleaner will react with these products, body oils, and dirt to break them down into their simplest state-liquid-in order to eliminate the water line. Read the instructions on the label to determine the amount to add, how it should be added (most manufacturers of Enzyme cleaners recommend pouring it straight from the bottle), and other precautions. Typically, foam will appear immediately after adding an Enzyme cleaner. This foam is okay-it signals that the enzymes are reacting with the water line to break it down into the liquid state for removal. Many pool owners wisely implement an Enzyme cleaner in their routine maintenance schedule.

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